In any competitive platform, you will need quality over quantity. This will help the audience or fans to know who is the real deal and who is just doing this for the show. When we talk about impact, we talk about the message that is being delivered in your videos. Are they bringing great value and entertainment?

You will need to have the following video tips in your arsenal.

Start with an eye-opening thumbnail

Attention is the new currency in the world we live in. When it comes to selling your video to the world, you need to create a great thumbnail. This is a thumbnail that forces you to pause and think before you open or click on a video. It gives you an image of what is oncoming in the video. To create a magnificent thumbnail, make sure that’s it 75 percent image and 25 percent text. Also, cut the text to a maximum of three words.

If possible, make sure that you have a consistent theme with your thumbnails. This might be using the same face, profile image, or channel banner. If you have to change, make sure it’s after a long period. Maybe once in a year or two. Then check on the outlook shown on mobile devices.

Optimize your end side

To make sure that you have created great value, make sure that almost everything that you post is connected to another. Your goal is to think about ways to make your videos linked to each other. To apply this, create pop-ups at the last 15 to 10 seconds of your videos. This will create a loop where the viewer can see other content that you have created.

Longer videos work well on YouTube

When it comes to YouTube, the longer, the better. But that doesn’t mean that you post for the sake of posting. You need to assess the value that is being delivered to your audience. If you think this concept is wrong, ask yourself why there are podcasts and audiobooks on YouTube? I’m sure you will get your answer.

Don’t use a script

This might be scary at first, but you should try to see what happens. Although it depends on luck and serendipity, you might never know what you are going to say. You might bump into a great idea that can be later used. Although you might find yourself stopping to think, you will see that there are gaps in knowledge. This will help you create videos that are more impactful as they will have thought and care.

This might increase your YouTube likes because of your goofiness and authenticity.

Smile and be in a good mood

It might be a cheesy attempt to control your face when the camera is on, and that’s natural. It’s okay to be goofy at the first attempt. The thing is that you cannot stay like that forever. You will need to change something about this scenario. The first thing you should do is to change your state. Try meditating for a few minutes, putting on some music, eating some food, or doing some light exercise. Then go ahead and do shoot your video. Our promise is that your mood will be optimal and will help you to tap into ideas that you never thought existed.  This energy transfers to your content and will be the reason you will be different from the rest.