The Instagram app has many features which provide opportunities for businesses with new ideas and practices to boost their growth. These can relate to posting techniques as well as making use of different features available on the app. Some of the best and most innovative ideas for your business are explained below.

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It is important to understand how to measure your business success on Instagram, as there are many reasons for a business to consider having an Instagram account, from maximizing sales to increasing product and service visibility.  The following are some of the best ideas for the success of your business as per your goals. 

Behind the scenes

People and followers love getting involved in the content they enjoy watching. Posting frequently behind-the-scenes videos can create a higher level of interest in your content, which will result in more engagements and followers to be gained to your account. The behind-the-scenes footage could be anything from showcasing your office where you do vlogs, to exhibiting how your business produces its products, etc. 

Repost user-generated content

Reposting user-generated content shows appreciation towards the user, which encourages more people to get involved and be talked about on the profile. This greatly improves communication and interaction with your profile, making your followers feel a sense of belonging on the account and become loyal to your activities. This initiates a great marketing practice for your content, where the users themselves promote your activities without being asked, creating a strong brand presence for your business. 

Contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a great way to engage more people with your account, as the chance of getting a free item is very attractive for the users. This gives the business the opportunity to gain new followers by asking them to share their posts or like and comment on their posts for a chance to win an item, which boosts the account visibility and makes it accessible to newer audiences. 

Make seasonal posts

Sizing the moment is a great way of engaging more people with your posts. This can be a post regarding the start of the festive period or relating to summers or winters, which is a thing being talked about more in the market. These posts are considered timely and relatable by the people and help generate more interest in the business’s activities.

Use motivational and inspirational quotes

Consider making frequent motivational or inspirational quotes for your audience to improve their mood and encourage more communication with them. The internet is a place with a lot of negativity, an inspirational quote can have a very positive impact on your followers, and will provide a human feel to your activities. 

Using these ideas can give a new perspective to your account, and will help make your content become more interesting and relatable to the followers. These ideas will greatly help you achieve more growth in your account and become successful in the market.