Who are Front-end web developers?

A front-end web developer is a developing professional who is responsible for coding the front-end of a website. Front-end development is concerned with how the design of the website is deployed on the web. Internet pages act like a sum of different layers such as structure, data, design, content, and functionality. The significance of front-end development is that without it, the web would be an unstructured mixture of HTML. Front-end developers use markup languages, design, scripts, and frameworks to develop a conducive environment for what the audience views, clicks and interacts with.

What do they do?

The primary job of a front-end web developer is to establish a conductive medium between the design of the website and the technology of the website. They gather the utility of the back-end of the site and present it attractively so that the audience can interact with it.

To do this, they acquire website design files and change them into different scripts such as:

·         HTML

·         JavaScript

·         CSS code

These are some of the basic elements of front-end development. They entail the design, layout, buttons, images, and various other elements of the website.

The front-end developer designs all the interactions that a user has with a website such as information retrieval and its necessary tools. To do this job, the developers need to be creative, innovative and tech-savvy. Their primary focus lies in building an experience for the user. The technology that they use for this purpose must be able to promote efficiency, speed, and smooth functionality. Front-end developers are also responsible for confirming that the front end of the website does not contain any errors and bugs. It is their responsibility to make sure that the front end is appearing just as it is supposed to on all levels.

Usually, the front-end developers are liable to:

·         Building a user experience

·         Turning the concept into reality with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

·         Maintenance of the website for user interface

·         Developing elements which increase the user interaction with the website

·         Running software workflow management

·         Gradually testing the website

·         Fixing bugs and errors (if any)

Characteristics of front-end web developers

Front-end web developers have divergent personalities. This is because they have to be investigative with a razor-sharp focus when it comes to the conductivity of the website. They are intellectual, inquisitive and curious. This is because a methodological, rational and analytical approach is necessary for the front-end development of a website. However, they also have to be artistic, creative and innovative at the same time so that the design of the website is not compromised.

A career in front-end web developing

Front-end web developers usually earn decent salaries and are there is a high demand for them in the market. This is because the employers in the market are looking for problem-solvers, and that takes all of the characteristics which have been mentioned above.


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