This is a hotly debated, contested topic, and it has yet to be resolved. There is uncertainty about which way you should go. Everyone has an opinion concerning this question.

What we do know is ever since the emergence of TikTok, Instagram has never been the same. They have probably been having long discussions on how to cope with the competitor. The answer was to create Instagram Reels. Instagram had to do something. Otherwise, they would have fallen into trouble. We don’t know whether this decision was the right call or not.

But Instagram did create Instagram Reels as an external response to the stimulus of competition. It wasn’t their fault to try and mitigate the risk from their hands.

Video length

Instagram Reels and TikTok are born out of the same mother. Their sole purpose is to communicate, entertain or inspire a message in less than a minute. These videos are usually information-packed and are meant to create buzz for your account. Despite, this similarity, you would want to consider the video length.

On TikTok, one can record 60-second videos with the option of mini-series within the video. This means you can pack a lot on a single video and leverage the power of novelty. This maneuver is worthy of praise as it increases engagement and profile views. A one-minute video is enough to remix what you want and refine parts of the video.

Contrarily, Instagram Reels prefer to be in a smaller time framer. Preferably, 30 seconds max. This means that your message ought to be short and sweet. Otherwise, you will deliver incomplete messages. 

Copyright rules

When it comes to strictness, Instagram comes first then TikTok. Why? First, you have to understand the personality of the person who founded TikTok – Zhang Yiming. Well, this guy is just hilarious. He created an enormous feat born of the inspiration that he lacked social skills. Now, if we use that phrase, then we understand that this app was out of “just to see what happens”. If that’s the case, then TikTok is more of creating entertaining and witty jokes while using any kind of audio or music in the world.

On the other hand, Instagram’s game is tight. When it comes to creating Reels, they are only limited to a particular set of music. It is based on artists sharing their original work rather than having flourishing indie music.

Bonus tip: By the way, you can post TikTok videos on Instagram Reels.  But the Instagram algorithm won’t be so happy about it.


Instagram is a tough case to crack because its algorithm changes from time to time. This means that it is difficult to navigate through. On the other side, TikTok has a very predictable algorithm, since it depends on how quickly you can be creative and entertaining with your content. That’s why Millennials cherish this platform. You have seen that sensational teenagers are booming all over the place. Why? Because of the easiness to access more audience.

What should I choose?

One thing you will notice is that the two overlap. It depends on what you like and what you want to achieve in the end. It is a matter of sampling out and seeing what happens. And if you are wondering how to become popular on Instagram, there are a few tips available on the link.